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What is Shopee Auto Boost?

What is Shopee Auto Boost

Benefits of Shopee Auto Boost

Increase product visibility
Increase sales conversion rate
Increase shop exposure

Check out the guide on how to use Shopee Auto Boost

How to select product

In your Kumoten Dashboard, click 'My Store'.
Click on Shopee sync icon for the chosen product that you want to sync.

it will pop up this message. Click 'Yes'.

Product is successfully added to Boost List. Click 'OK'.

How to view and change Boost List

Click 'View My Boost List' at My Store page

The maximum of number that can boost per session is FIVE (5). Each session will be boosted for 4 hours.
It will show 'boosting' for the products chosen.

If you want to change the current Boost List , click 'Remove' button.

Removed products will show 'Removing' status. It will be remain boosted until the existing boost session is ended.

If you added a new product, the new product will be boosted at the upcoming boost session. It will show a 'In Queue' status.

It is so easy to manage your Shopee listings. Click HERE to subscribe now !

Updated on: 02/10/2020

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