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What is Be The First To Sync?

What is Be The First To Sync?

Be The First To Sync means you are the first one to sync this product to marketplaces.

Benefits of synchronizing Be The First To Sync Product

Gain a competitive advantage
Stand out from others
Higher chance of customers to purchase from you

Let's follow the guideline to sync 'Be The First To Sync' product :

Step 1 :
Now you can sort out 'Be The First To Sync' products in Product page

Step 2 :
After you have chosen product that you want to sync, click 'Add to Mystore'

Step 3 :
Click 'Go To MyStore'

Step 4 :
Click on marketplace button to sync

Step 5 :
Select a suitable category for the product and an image template that you like

Step 6 :
Key in Product Highlight, you can copy the Product Name or few lines of Product Descriptions.

Step 7 :
No need to change Product Description.
Choose warranty period for product. (Note: ONLY electronics products that operate by power adaptor or operate by batteries which cost above RM100 have 3 months warranty)

Step 8 :
Complete the product information such as variant. Then, click 'Sync to Lazada'.

Good job! Your product has been successfully uploaded.

Sync More Products Now!

Selling tip: Remember the theory of 'SYNC MORE, EARN MORE', sync as much products as you can. Happy selling!

Updated on: 31/03/2021

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