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What is Refer & Reward?

What is Refer & Reward?

Refer & Reward is a system that enables you to earn a long term reward when you help your team members grow and succeed in their Kumoten dropship business.

How it Works?

Kumoten shares our profit with you when you help your team to grow and succeed in Kumoten dropship business. Get up to 2% of every product dropship cost (excluding shipping cost) sold by your team members.

Here are the Guidelines

Step 1 :
Click 'Copy Referral Link' and you can share the link to recruit your team with the referral link.
You can share a link to social media by clicking the icon of social media.
You can also share a link via email by inserting the email address and clicking 'Send Invitation Email'.

Step 2 :
Click 'Update Your Bank Account Details' so that you can receive the reward from us.

Step 3 :
Insert your personal identification, preferred bank. account number and account name. Then click 'Update'.

Step 4 :
The contact information of you (mentor) will appear to your team whenever they click on 'My Mentor'.

Earn a long term reward with your team now !

Click Here To Recruit My Team

Updated on: 19/06/2020

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