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What is Lazada Profit?

What is Lazada Profit

Lazada Profit is a tool that enables you to clearly see how much sales you generated from Lazada, how much Lazada paid you for each of the orders and how much profit you gained from each sale.


Clarity on your profit margins so you can plan your promotions better
See total unpaid Lazada orders and zoom into the unpaid cases
See total actual paid amount by Lazada
Export data for further analysis
Auto update DELIVERED status in Lazada

How to use Lazada Profit?

Click 'Lazada Profit', then click 'Integration'

Click 'click here to integrate with Lazada' button and key in your Lazaada seller account details

Click 'Orders/ Earnings', you will be able to view the summary of your Lazada orders

Additional features

Filter more specific data
You can click 'Show More Filter' button to filter out more specific data

Able to know all Lazada order status in one glanze

Update 'DELIVERED' status in Lazada
Click on the lorry icon under Action tab and click 'Update'

Ciick to subscribe Lazada Profit service to manage your Lazada orders easily now!

Updated on: 25/08/2020

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