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What is Lazada Product Decoration?

What is Lazada Product Decoration?

Now you can customize your Lazada product display and be different! Beautify your product main image with promotional labels and add shout outs in front of your product title to win more attraction from your potential customers.

Why You Need This?

Create own branding
Win more attention
Improve sales conversion

How To Apply Lazada Product Decoration?

Step 1 (a) :
Go to Power Tools > My Power Tools, click Setting at Lazada Product Decoration. Next click Deco Settings as shown below.

Step 1 (b) :
You can upload your own frame. The frame size is 500 X 500 px in PNG format).
If you are clueless on how to create a photo frame, just click 'Frame Editor' .

Step 1 (c) :
Select the Frame Border Thickness and Frame Colour that you prefer.

Step 1 (d) :
Select icons that you refer or upload your own icon. The size must be 200 X 200 px in PNG format.

Step 1 (e) :
Select the Icon Position, Font Type, Shout Out Text, Font Size and Font Colour.

Step 1 (f) :
Select Text Background and Text Position. After that, click 'Save & Back'.

Step 2 :
Insert your product highlight text . For example : Hot Deal, Best Buy, Popular Product.

Step 3 :
You can customize your Lazada sale price.
Slide the button of 'Increase' or 'Decrease', then adjust the price.

Step 4 :
Click 'Save'.

This is the comparison 'Before' and 'After' using the Lazada Product Decoration feature. Which one will attract your attention more?

Customize and decorate your Lazada product display and stand out from others now!

Click To Customize Now

Note : This feature is only applicable for products that after you have subscribed for Lazada Product Decoration power tool.

Updated on: 26/10/2023

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