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What are Reward Points?

What are Reward Points?

Enjoy rewards when sell using Kumoten! Starting from 20 December 2019, you can start to earn and redeem Kumoten Reward Points.

Reward Points are the points that you can earn by completing the tasks given or syncing products manually. The points may then be used to redeem Power Up subscription plans in Kumoten.

How to Earn Reward Points?

Overview on how to earn Reward Points

Option A: Complete the Task List

Step 1 :
Click 'Go to Dashboard'.

Step 2 :
Click 'Task' to check the task list you are going to complete.

Option B: Sync Products Manually

Step 1 :
Click 'Edit Details' button to edit the product information to be different from others.
(Only applicable to one time for each product).

Option C: Sync 'Be The First To Sync!' products

Step 1 :
Click 'Be The First To Sync' button to sort out at the product category that you want.

Step 2 :
Click 'Add to Mystore' and sync the products just like manual sync.

Benefits of synchronizing 'Be The First To Sync!' products

Be the first one to sell a particular product at marketplaces.
Higher chance to win sales.
More variety and unique products in-store compared to others.
Earn Kumoten Reward Points.

How many points will I earn

Points are given based on the product criteria when you sync products manually. (Please refer to the table below)
You will get higher points if there are more variants in the product.

Updated on: 09/07/2020

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