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What are the 5 Important Seller Tools in Lazada?

What is Power of 5 in Lazada?

Power of 5 are the 5 seller tools in Lazada. They are Seller Picks, Lorikeet, Chat, Promotional Tools and Store Builder. Lazada sellers use these key tools to increase their sales easily. Let's check out how to skyrocket your sales in Lazada by using the Power Of 5!

Why Power of 5 Seller Tools so Important?

Seller Tool #1 : Chat

Why You Need To Do

Chat can help you to increase your conversion rate, do maintain response time of less than 30 minutes.
Find out what the customers need then upsell them more.
Keep your chat response rate above 85% to be eligible for Seller Picks.

What To Do

Install Lazada Seller Center mobile application
Set up Auto Reply in chat setting
Make sure you are the last one to reply in the chat
Share a collectable voucher to buyers
Invite a buyer to follow your store

How To Do

Click on Setting icon
Click 'Chat Setting'
Customize your Quick Reply and Auto Reply chat
Click 'Submit'

Seller Tool #2 : Store Builder

Why You Need To Do

Store decoration structure and store visuals will drive click through rate.
Shout out any promotions and vouchers through banner and clear call-to-action buttons.

What You Need To Do

Upload clear images and enhance product description using Lorikeet.
Focus on 4 elements : Build a header, create a logo, use any product module, and banner

How To Use Store Builder

Click 'Store' > 'Store Decoration'
Click 'Edit'
Choose the template that you want and upload images

You may use some free tools online to design your own product images and banners. Here are a list of some useful resources:

Canva (Free online editing tools)
Freepik (Free stock photos )
Pexels (Free stock photos and videos)

Don't worry if you are not familiar in photo-editing. Here are some examples of Store Header we made for you. Go to your selected banner and right click to save it.

(PC banner size)

(Mobile banner size)

Seller Tool #3 : Lorikeet

Why You Need To Do

Provide beautiful product description
Differentiate yourself from competitors
Effective way to communicate product's benefit

What To Do

Make sure the Content Score is increased to 100/100.
Focus on traffic-driven or hot selling products.

How To Do

Click 'Product' > 'Manage Product'.
Select any product that you want to edit.
Click 'Action' > 'Edit Details'.
Fill up any necessary details and add extra images as well as description.
Click 'Submit'.

Click Here to Know More About Lorikeet

Seller Tool #4: Seller Picks

Why You Need To Do

Boost their potential best selling products on the search page.
Improve visibility and increase sales.

How to be Qualified for Seller Picks feature

Seller rating more than 70%
More than 3 SKUs live
Instant messaging response rate is more than 85%
Have store decorated

How To Do

Click 'Promotion' > 'Seller Picks'
Click ' Add Products'
Select products with the highest potential to sell well. (Tip : You may find which products have highest conversion rate and lowest product visitor in Business Advisor)
Click 'Add' > 'OK'

Seller Tool #5 : Promotional Tools

There are 3 promotional tools to be focused on, they are Free Shipping, Flexi Combo and Seller Vouchers.

Why You Need To Do

Customized pricing module
Extra visibility and traffic
Increased value-added basket size purchase

1. Free Shipping Tool

How To Do

Click 'Promotion' > 'Free Shipping'
Click 'Create New Promotion'
Fill up the required fields
Click 'Submit'

2. Flexi Combo Tool

How To Do

Click "Promotion' > "Flexi Combo'
Click 'Create New Promotion'
Fill up the required fields ( You may set at least 2 tiers of Flexi Combo )
Click 'Confirm'

3. Seller Voucher Tool

How To Do

Click 'Promotion' > ' Seller Voucher'
Click 'Add New Voucher'
Fill up the required fields ( You may set discount vouchers for Store Followers )
Click 'Submit'

Login to your Lazada Seller Center and implement the Power of 5 to skyrocket your sales. Happy selling!

Updated on: 22/07/2020

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