How to Manage Lazada Return Orders using Direct Return To Merchant (DRTM)

What does DRTM In Lazada Means?

DRTM is the abbreviation of Direct Return To Merchant. DRTM allows you (sellers) to process returns from their customers where you (sellers) can communicate with customers (buyers).

What Are The Features Of DRTM ?

Process returns to customers
Make a refund decision
Able to understand return reasons from buyers
Able to negotiate refund amount

What Are The Benefits Of DRTM ?

Manage own returns
Able to communicate with customers
Shorter refund & return lead-time
Quality checks made by YOU (Lazada sellers)

Timeline of Lazada DRTM process

Important Notes

You (sellers) have maximum time frame of 3 days to respond buyers' chat and make a decision. If sellers do not make decision within the time period stated, Lazada got the right of auto refund to customers
An evidence of defective item is required, in the form of either photos or videos
After acquiring the consent of both parties, buyers need to print out the airway bills within the maximum time frame of 7 days
You (sellers) will receive the returned parcel and need to have a quality check within 3 days time once you received it. You (sellers) have the maximum time frame of 20 days for receiving and quality check returned parcel
After finished checking the item, you (sellers) must respond to buyers in the maximum time frame of 3 days. This is where the refund decision takes place
The whole Lazada DRTM process will take a maximum of 33 working days to complete. (Only applicable to those who chose 'Return & Refund' option)
Both buyers and sellers will receive email notifications regarding the updated process of DRTM from Lazada
Both parties' conversation will be tracked and recorded
Buyers can raise a dispute anytime if buyers do not want to accept the sellers' decision
Lazada will review buyers' request and dispute team will contact buyer to follow up the case
Please insert your own address as your business address, warehouse adddress and return address

How To Check Your Return Orders?

What To Do Next ?

Refund Option :

If sellers choose this option means sellers accept the request of buyers. Sellers do not need to go through the whole process as it will be instant refund and no return required.

Return & Refund Option :

If sellers choose this option means both parties need to go through whole DRTM process. An evidence of defective item is required from buyers.

Reject Option :

If sellers choose this option means sellers turn down the request of buyers. For an instance, return request due to change of mind.

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