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How To Add/Sync Products To Lazada?

NOTE: For SPRINT Transferred to INSTANT members, your products on LAZADA may have to re-add/sync to LAZADA again as all your products are un-sync by system to transfer you to INSTANT membership.

Go to your KUMOTEN Seller Account and click on "PRODUCTS".

Choose the product that you would like to sell on your store.

Click on "Add to MyStore"

Repeat step 2 and step 3 to add all the products that you wanted to sell on your store.

Once done, click on MyStore on your top right corner.

At the side of the product you want to sell, click on the LAZADA button to sync.

Click on "Manual Sync"

If you get the error below, Please follow this tutorial by CLICKING HERE. If you don't have this error, please continue the steps below.

Select the relevant category for the products and click "Next".

Product name is filled up with Artificial Intelligence (AI) function to ensure every seller has unique product name so you don't need to do or worry for these parts.

Fill up all the compulsory details & click Sync to Lazada

Lazada will reply the sync result

When you see the LAZADA logo is coloured beside the product you already sync, it means that it is already sync to LAZADA.

OPTIONAL : To double confirm on your sync, you can head to LAZADA Seller Dashboard > Products > Manage Products. IF your product you had sync appeared there, that means it is successfully sync.

LAZADA Seller Dashboard

tadaaaa, this is how people see your product & buy from Lazada.

Updated on: 26/04/2023

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