How to Start Selling GoKupon Voucher / Digital Goods

How to Start Selling GoKupon Voucher / Digital Goods

IMPORTANT: What you should do before start selling GoKupon voucher

Only eligible for SPRINT membership type
Seller must have Shopee Non-SSL (Click here for application guideline)

Go to Shopee Seller Centre > Shipment > Shipping Setting, make sure you only enable options as below:

How to sell?

Choose voucher from Kumoten's product list, click "Add to Mystore".

Go to Mystore, click the marketplace button to start sync the voucher.

Click "OK" when the popup appear.

Make sure you choose the right category for the voucher, follow as shown below. Then click "Next".

After ensure all the details are correct, click "Sync to Shopee".

Congrats, your voucher has been successfully synced to Shopee!

Tadaa! This is how your potential buyer see on Shopee.

OK, now you can start promoting your voucher! All the best!

Got order? Click here to know what to do.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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