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How to Handle GoKupon Voucher / Digital Goods Order

How to Handle GoKupon Voucher / Digital Goods Order

IMPORTANT: What you should do to handle GoKupon voucher's order

Do not update order status on marketplaces.
Order status will be updated automatically by system.
Make sure your Kumoten Credit is enough to fulfil the order.

Once buyer purchased the voucher, it will be shown in Shopee Seller Centre > Orders > To Ship Tab as shown below

The order will be pulled to your Kumoten account within 30 minutes in My Orders > Completed Orders as shown below. ( Make your have sufficient Kumoten credit )

Your buyer will receive the voucher code via SMS as shown below.

This what buyer will see when clicked the link in the SMS. ( Travel agency contact details will be shown here )

The order status is updated and order move to Shipping Tab.

If buyer did not receive any SMS, you may go into order detail to resend the SMS as shown below.

The order is completed when buyer click "Order Received" on the order.

Done, thank you!

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Updated on: 26/04/2023

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