What is Shopee Auto-RTS

It is a service that will automatically update the shipping status in Shopee. Now you don't need to always keep an eye on your Shopee store. We help you to handle it.

How Does It Benefit You?

Save time
Easier to manage order
Update customers shipping status on time

What Will We Do

We will automatically help you to update shipping status in Shopee.

What If My Subscription Plan Is Expired?

Shopee Auto-RTS will stop functioning.

Why Can't I Subscribe The Plan?

Please make sure that you have done the marketplace integration.

How To Check Product Shipping Status In Shopee

Login to your Shopee seller account
Click 'Orders'
Click ' My Orders' to check product shipping status. If the orders switched from 'To Ship' to 'Shipping', means the orders are successfully updated to Shipped

How To Check Status Of Shopee Auto-RTS In Kumoten?

Log in to your Kumoten account
Click 'My Orders'
'Completed Orders'. It will show 'Auto Updated' under RTS tab.

Click the link below to power up your Shopee store with this new feature!

Subscribe Shopee Auto-RTS now !
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