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What is Auto Sync?

What Is Auto Sync?

No time to sync products? We sync for you!

Auto Sync means you are able to sync products into your online stores automatically. By subscribing the plan that suits your need, you can have multiples of products in your online store now without synchronizing the products one-by-one by yourself.

We have Auto Sync service to two marketplaces, which are Lazada Auto Sync and Shopee Auto Sync.

Let's follow the guidelines of subscribing Auto Sync plan.

Upgrade to Auto Sync subscription plan

Kumoten has several plans to suit your needs. No matter you are a beginner or a big player, we got you covered. Just a few simple steps to upgrade to Auto Sync subscription plan, here it goes:

Step 1 :
Click 'Power Up' and click 'Lazada Auto Sync' or 'Shopee Auto Sync'.

Step 2 :
Choose the plan that suits your needs and click 'Subscribe' button.

Step 3 :
After you have chosen the plan that suits your needs, click 'Subscribe' button

Step 4 :
Choose the subscribe period and payment method. Then, click 'Pay Now' button

How to use Auto Sync services

Select preferred category

You can select your preferred category in Auto Sync subscription plan.

Step 1 :
Click 'Integration' at the left menu bar, then click 'Action' button of Lazada and/or Shopee.

Step 2:
Select the preferred category. DONE !

Important Notice

An error message of 'Auto sync is not working' will appear if you do not fulfill all the requirement.

Please make sure that you have :
Integrated with your Lazada or Shopee seller account
Activated Lazada Seller Own Fleet Provider (SOFP) which is only applicable to Lazada sellers.
Ensure your sync limit is enough.

Lazada Auto Sync and Shopee Auto Sync

Auto Sync Terms & Conditions.

Selling tip: 'SYNC MORE, EARN MORE', sync as much as you can to your online stores with the help of Auto Sync service. Happy selling!

Updated on: 19/08/2020

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