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Shopee V2 Integration

Shopee V2 Integration Guideline

Please integrate with Shopee V2 before 1.4.2022 to avoid service interruption.

Shopee is upgrading their system, so you have to integrate with V2 to enjoy some new features on Shopee. Just follow few steps below:

Go to "Integration", click the edit icon as shown in the image below.

Click "Click Here to Integrate With Shopee V2" to start integration.

Select "Malaysia" / "MY" because we are Malaysian's Shopee seller.

Insert your Shopee username / email / phone & password, then click "Login" button.

Authorisation page, please ensure your Shopee's username is correct, then click "Confirm Authorisation".

Shopee will send OTP verification code via SMS through your registered phone number.

If integration successful, your status will become "Connected" as shown below.


Updated on: 06/03/2022

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