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Seasonal Product Decoration User Guideline

Seasonal Product Decoration User Guideline

For more exposure of your products during special occasion
Must subscribe Lazada or Shopee Product Decoration power tool first
Available for Lazada & Shopee

How to use it?

Go to My Power Tools > Lazada/Shopee Product Decoration > Settings > Deco Settings

Click Seasonal Product Decoration's icon to subscribe. Once subscribed you will access to Seasonal Frame Dashboard.

In Seasonal Frame Dashboard, click "Create Product Deco Seasonal" to create new campaign. Remaining Seasonal Frame shows the number of subscribed Seasonal Frame.

Fill up all the necessary details

a. Your Frame Preview - place to preview your frame after saved
b. Upload Your Own Frame - Upload your own frame, once you upload any frame, it will overwrite any choose pre-made frame
c. Premade Frame - Premade frames, will update regularly based on holiday or sales season

d. Frame Name - Input your frame name, for ease of manage if got multiple frames
e Start Date - Frame start date, choose when do you want your frame to change
f. End Date - Frame end date, choose when do you want your frame to change back to original frame (non seasonal frame)
g. Select Products - Choose which product do you want to have seasonal frames

Click "Create Draft" to create and save seasonal frame as a draft

Once products have been selected, it will appear in edit page. After you have been satisfied enough with your input, you can activate the frame by clicking the Activate" button.

Once activated, you cannot make any changes on the activated seasonal frame anymore. Only activated one will be updated to your marketplaces.

Tadaaa! This is the outcome.

Lazada Seasonal Product Decoration

Shopee Seasonal Product Decoration

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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