How to Set Up Shopee Shipping Setting

Effective 22 October 2020, the Non-Shopee Supported Logistics (Non-SSL) shipping channels - Others (West Malaysia) and Others (East Malaysia), will only be available for selected sellers. Due to we have our own shipment provider, Kumoten dropshippers are required to have Non-SSL shipping channels in order to dropship in Shopee.

What are the Changes

Sellers who have enabled Others (West Malaysia) or Others (East Malaysia) before 22 October 2020 will still have the shipping channels available, in the exception of :
Non-SSL shipping channels will be removed if sellers who do not have orders under Others (West Malaysia) and Others (East Malaysia) shipping channels in the last 30 days.
Non-SSL shipping channels will be removed if sellers who have enabled other Shopee Supported Logistics (SSL) channels for all of their listings.

If you are a new seller who does not have Non-SSL shipping channels or your Non-SSL shipping channels have been removed by Shopee, you are required to fill up the Non- SSL application form.

What should I Do

If you have orders placed in the last 30 days from 22 October, your Non-Shopee Supported Logistics (Non-SSL) shipping channels will not be affected.

Click here to apply for Shopee Non-SSL

Something went wrong! Please apply for Shopee Non SSL before you can sync again!

How to Check Shopee Shipping Setting
Shopee seller center
Shipping setting
Check if More Shipping Options are enabled

How to Fill Up the Non-SSL Application Form

Key in your Shopee email address
Key in your Shopee username

Select 'Dropshipper'
Select I'm a Dropshipper
Click 'Next'

New Sellers
Copy the product description of this PRODUCT and paste in first box.
Copy and paste this LINK in second box .
Click 'Submit'

Existing Sellers ( you have products sync to Shopee store)
Choose one of the products you have sync to Shopee store.
Copy the Shopee product link and paste to first box. (Shopee seller center> Products> My Products> click to edit> visual effect> copy Shopee product link)
Copy the Kumoten product link and paste to second box box. (Kumoten> Products > Search product name> click into the product > copy Kumoten product link)
Click 'Submit'.

When could I know the Approval Result
Once approved, you will be able to see and toggle on the Non-SSL channels: Others (West Malaysia) and Others (East Malaysia) in your Seller Centre.

The approval result can be known in the upcoming Tuesday or Friday.
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