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Kumoten Membership Plan 2021

Kumoten Membership Plan 2021

Start from 5th July 2021.
Membership plan is required for all Kumoten users.
Users without membership plan will have limited access to Kumoten features such as marketplace integration, products select & sync.
There will be 2 types of membership plans: PRIME & INSTANT.

INSTANT Membership Plan

Users can sell Local Ready Stocks only.
Deliver using Lazada & Shopee supported logistics. (ie: LEX & Shopee Express)
Users can start selling immediately upon registration & integration.
Eligable to upgrade to Lazmall & Shopee Preferred Seller status later^^
Eligible to Shopee Subsidised Promotion^^
Faster delivery time
More competitive selling price in marketplaces
Subscription fee paid for INSTANT membership plan is not refundable

PRIME Membership Plan

Users can sell Local Ready Stocks, Overseas Products & Digital goods (Gokupon vouchers)
Deliver using Lazada Deliver By Seller (DBS) & Shopee Non-SSL (Others Shipping)
Users will be required apply Lazada DBS and / or Shopee Non-SSL. Approval by marketplace normally takes up to 2 weeks.
Overseas products delivery time approximately 7-14 days (within Lazada & Shopee SLA)
Subscription fee paid for PRIME membership plan is not refundable



After 30 August 2021, dropshippers who do not onboard this membership plan, their Kumoten account will have limited access and their Kumoten synced products in Marketplaces will be removed permanently.

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Updated on: 04/07/2021

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