Important Shipment Notice During China LockDown Due To Covid-19 Cases Jump ( For Order Dated 9.3.2022 ~ 14.3.2022 )

During this China LockDown period, our cross border logistics partners will be closed between 14th March to 20th March 2022.
Orders placed from 9th March 2022 onward will experience delay.
This only affects product SKU that start with QOY, QOX, QOW, QON, QOM, Q1N, Q1M, Q1J.
Other local products are not affected and will ship out as usual.

What you have to do?

Please contact your customer to inform them about the lack of cross border logistics during China LockDown period. Ask if customer is willing to wait longer than 14 days and gives you permission to update to Delivered status in advanced.

If your customer willing to wait. Great! You may just proceed the order.

Please update order status to Delivered on 12th day of Lazada SLA on your Lazada. ( Refer Here )

If your customer is not willing to wait & you would like to cancel your order ( Refer Here ).

Thank you for being patient with us. This process will last until further notice.
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