Important Shipment Notice During Chinese New Year 2021 Holiday

During this Chinese New Year, most of our cross border logistics partners will be closed for long holiday between 4 - 17 February 2021.
Orders placed from 4th to 17th February 2021 will experience delay.
This only affects product SKU that start with QOM, QOW, QOX, QOY, HOX & HOY. Orders with these SKU will be listed in Pending Cart.
Other local products are not affected and will ship out as usual.

You might see this remark in your Pending Cart list:

This is the affected overseas order.

What you have to do?

Please contact your customer to inform them about the lack of cross border logistics during Chinese New Year. Ask if customer is willing to wait longer than 14 days and gives you permission to update to Delivered status in advanced.

If your customer willing to wait. Great! You may proceed the order as shown below:

Click on the VIEW BUTTON on your pending order.

Tick on the 2 checkboxes ( Please make sure you already got permission from your customer ). Check & confirm all the details and CHECK OUT NOW.

Done! Your order will be shipped out as soon as cross border logistics resume work.

Please update order status to Ready To Ship within 48 hours on your Lazada & Shopee.
Please update order status to Delivered on 12th day of Lazada SLA on your Lazada.

If your customer is not willing to wait & you would like to maintain your store good rating ( Refer Here ).

Thank you for being patient with us. This process will last until further notice.
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