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How To Use Shopee Promotional Tool?

How to use Shopee Promotional Tool?

Make good use of Shopee's promotion tools and ongoing marketing campaigns. They will help you to bring more traffic to your shop and increase order volume.

There are a total of 6 promotion tools in Shopee. We will only focus on a few that are suitable for you. Here's the guideline, check it out.

First of all, click on 'Marketing Center'. It can be found at the main page of Shopee seller center or left navigation bar.

How to Apply Discount Promotions?

Step 1 :
Click 'My Discount Promotion' > Click 'New Discount Promotion'.

Step 2 :
After inserting promotion and promotion period, click 'Save & Continue'.

Step 3 :
Decide the discounted price and percentage, then click 'Done'.

How to Partcipate Campaign?

You will only see the upcoming campaigns if you are qualified. Click 'Nominate Now' to select the products you want for the campaign.

How to Apply Vouchers?

Step 1 :
Click 'My Vouchers' > Click 'Create New Voucher'.

Step 2 :
Choose the type of voucher that you want to apply.

Step 3 :
Fill up all the required voucher information and click 'Save'

How to Apply Top Picks

Step 1 :
Click 'Top Picks from Shop' > Click 'Add Collection'

Step 2 :
Insert collection name and click 'Save'

Step 3 :
Select 4 to 8 products from your Shopee store, then click 'Confirm'

DONE! Make sure the top picks are in Active mode.

Apply all these Shopee promotion tools and skyrocket your sales now!

Updated on: 08/07/2020

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