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How to Top Up Credit with Bank Card?

Top Up with Credit Card

In this tutorial, we will be giving you a step-by-step tutorial on how you can use Credit Card to top up your Kumoten Account. Make sure you have logged in before using this method.

Step 1 :
Go to Kumoten Dashboard and click 'TOPUP CREDIT'.
Payment method will be 'Mastercard, Visa'.
Choose the Deposit Amount.
Click 'Pay Now' button.

Step 2 :
You will get redirected to an online payment page.
Insert your credit card details.
Click 'Proceed with Credit Card' button.

Step 3 :Click the card logo according to the credit card.

Step 4 :
You will then be directed to a payment summary page.
Key in the MSOS Code.
Click the 'Submit' button.

An online receipt is generated for you.

Updated on: 03/07/2020

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