Sync Product to My Shopee Store

Before you sync products to Shopee, you are required to enable Shopee logistic channel

It will appear message like this :
Something went wrong! Logistic channel ( id: 29910 ) not in shop logistic list!

Go to Shopee seller center and click 'My Shipping' under Setting tab.
ONLY enable 'Others' shipping option. Disable DHL & J&T shipping options.

How To Sync Product To Shopee

Step 1 :
Select an Item, click "Add to Mystore"

Step 2 :
Click "Go to Mystore" button.

Step 3 : 
Select the product from mystore click the "Shopee" logo to SYNC.
Black & white logo = not sync
Colour logo = already synced

Step 4 : 
Click 'Yes' button if you don't want to edit details.

You can sync products in 3 ways:

Manual Sync / Be The First To Sync
One Click Sync
Auto Sync

Well Done! Product has been uploaded to your Shopee!!
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