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How to Sync Products to Shopee Store?

Sync Product to My Shopee Store

Before you sync products to Shopee, you are required to enable Shopee logistic channel

It will appear message like this :
Something went wrong! Logistic channel ( id: 29910 ) not in shop logistic list!

Go to Shopee seller center and click 'My Shipping' under Setting tab.
ONLY enable 'Others' shipping option. Disable DHL & J&T shipping options.

How To Sync Product To Shopee

Step 1 :
Select an Item, click "Add to Mystore"

Step 2 :
Click "Go to Mystore" button.

Step 3 : 
Select the product from mystore click the "Shopee" logo to SYNC.
Black & white logo = not sync
Colour logo = already synced

Step 4 : 
Click 'Yes' button if you don't want to edit details.

You can sync products in 3 ways:

Manual Sync / Be The First To Sync
One Click Sync
Auto Sync

Well Done! Product has been uploaded to your Shopee!!

Updated on: 23/06/2023

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