How To Sync From EasyStore To Lazada?

If you have not registered in (EasyStore) or (Lazada), please do so now.

Step 1 :
Sign in to your EasyStore account at

Step 2 :
Go to “product” on your left panel, you can see that item is listed, click the " + " icon to List on your Lazada store.

Step 3 :
Choose the right category for the product and click "Submit"

Step 4 :
Fill all the blank columns and click "Submit" if everything is ready.

Step 5 :
Your Lazada store has been synced!

Step 6 :
You can view the product that has already been synced to your Lazada Store.

Note : Please give some time to the Lazada Team to active the products.

Done! Start Syncing Now!
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