How to Start Selling with HoneyComb?

How to Start Selling with HoneyComb?

IMPORTANT: What you should do / know before start selling with HoneyComb

Only eligible for SPRINT membership type
You will be automatically assigned as an Agent
NO NEED TO TOPUP CREDIT! You just need to sell & we will pay your commission later
No need to worry about charges & regulations by marketplaces

Log into your Kumoten Dropshipper Account..

Insert your username & password.

Go to dropshipper's Dashboard.

Go to Agent Product List.

Bank account details required.

Fill up your bank account details.

Start share & sell by sharing link on social media ( SocMed ).

Example of sharing post on FaceBook.

If you want to share to other platform, you may download the images like this as below.

Share & sell on your social media now, good luck!

Got order? Click here to know what to do.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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