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How to Integrate Kumoten with Shopee Account?

How To Integrate Your Kumoten And Shopee Account?

4 steps to integrate your Kumoten and Shopee Account!!

Step 1.
From your Dashboard, click 'INTEGRATION' button at the left navigation bar and click icon under Action tab.

Step 2 :
Click the button 'click here to integrate with Shopee' at the top.

Step 3 :
Choose ''
Fill in your Shopee email address and password.
Click 'Yes' for the Authorization.


Your Shopee store has been "Connected" with your Kumoten account.

Step 4 :
Before you sync products to Shopee, you are required to fill up Shopee Non-SSL Application Form
You are COMPULSORY to do so. If you failed to complete Shopee Non-SSL Application Form, you cannot sync product to Shopee

Shopee Non-SSL Application Form is here.

Guideline on how to fill up the form is here.

Shopee will review & approve you application on every Tuesday & Friday.

Now you can START TO SYNC more products to your Shopee!

Updated on: 15/01/2021

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