Welcome and thanks for choosing Kumoten.
Before start selling to your Shopee & Lazada, please follow these steps:

Register your Shopee Seller Account & Lazada Seller Account

( Please make sure everything is verified and your store is accessible ).

Register your Kumoten Account.

Login to your Kumoten Account.

Integrate your Kumoten account with Shopee Integration & Lazada Integration.

( Please refer Shopee Integration & Lazada Integration )

Since we are not using shipping provider by marketplace. It is compulsory for you to apply for Shopee Non-SSL & Lazada Seller-Own / Deliver By Seller (DBS)

( Please refer Shopee Non-SSL & Lazada Seller-Own )

Shopee Non-SSL application will be reviewed by Shopee every Tuesday & Friday
Lazada Seller-Own Fleet / Deliver By Seller (DBS) application will be reviewed by Lazada within 2-3 working weeks.

After Shopee Non-SSL or Lazada Seller-Own Fleet / Deliver By Seller (DBS) is approved, only you can start sync product to your marketplace.

Now you can start sync to Shopee & Lazada!

You can also join our Beginner Online Training ( Webinar ).
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