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How to Calculate Shopee Selling Price?

How to Calculate Shopee Selling Price?

We have included West Malaysia shipping fee when you sync products to Shopee.

Why We Want To Include West Malaysia Shipping Fee?

Appear as FREE SHIPPING and customers are more likely to buy products that offer FREE SHIPPING
Attract more traffics and increase exposure
Increase your sales and revenue

Here Are The Examples

Product Selling Price = Suggested Selling Price + West Malaysia shipping cost
For example, RM15.25 + RM9 = RM24.25

How much do I need to pay to Kumoten?

Kumoten Dropship Cost = Dropship Price + Shipping Fee

For example,
Total dropship cost = RM11.99 + RM9.00 = TOTAL RM 20.99

How much profit do I earn?

Your profit = New Product Selling Price - Kumoten Dropship Cost

For example,
Your profit = RM15.25 - RM11.99 = RM3.26 ( profit margin about 21% )

What if the product is shipped to East Malaysia?

Buyer will bear the additional shipping cost to Sabah/Sarawak that is shown in your Shopee store.

For example,
Buyers from Sabah and Sarawak will pay New Product Selling Price + Additional Shipping Fee to East Malaysia

How much will I earn if product is shipped to East Malaysia ?

Total Buyer From EM Pays You = New Selling price (inclusive WM shipping cost) + EM shipping cost = RM24.25 + RM13.45 = RM37.70
Total Product Cost = Product Dropship Price + EM shipping cost = RM11.99 + RM13.45 = TOTAL RM25.44
Your profit margin = RM37.70 - RM25.44 = RM12.26 (profit margin of 32.52%)

NOTE: Shipping fee is charged per product. Therefore, multiple shipping fees will be charged for multiple products.

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Updated on: 16/06/2021

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