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How to Calculate Lazada Selling Price?

How to calculate Lazada Selling Price?

Why my Lazada Selling Price is different from Kumoten Suggested Selling Price?

Lazada selling price is the total of Suggested Selling Price and West Malaysia shipping fee.

How to check suggested selling price & shipping fee

Suggested selling price is shown when you click into the product details page.

Shipping fee can be found when you click 'Shipping' button.

Scenario 1 : Buyer purchased an item that is more that RM60 (Set up condition that Free Shipping is applicable when purchase amount more than RM60)

How much do I need to pay to Kumoten?

Answer: You pay to Kumoten = RM58.95 + RM7.50 = Total RM66.45

How much do I sell on Lazada if I follow Kumoten Suggested Selling Price?

Answer: RM88.25 (Lazada Selling Price) = RM80.75 + RM7.50 (Suggested Selling Price + West Malaysia Shipping Cost)

How much profit do I earn?

Answer: RM88.25 - RM66.45 = RM 21.80

Scenario 2 : Seller does not set up Free Shipping promotion

Buyer paid for shipping fee which Lazada charged for RM5.50 but why we (dropshippers) pay to Kumoten RM7.50 Shipping cost ?

Answer: Stay Calm, this is an extra profit for your order because buyer pays the shipping cost to you when Lazada releases your payment RM5.50 will be added in the payment too.

How much profit do I earn?

Answer: RM88.25 - RM66.45 = RM 21.80 + RM5.50 = RM27.30

Be a smart seller, set up a Free Shipping promotion to attract more potential buyers now.

NOTE: Displayed selling price in Lazada has added West Malaysia shipping cost by default. Shipping cost in Lazada is additional charges to the buyer.
NOTE: Shipping fee is charged per product. Therefore, multiple shipping fees will be charged for multiple products.

I Want To Set Free Shipping Promotion

Updated on: 16/06/2021

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