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Everything about Lazada DBS

What is DBS

DBS or Delivered By Seller is the new process replacing existing order fulfilment by uploading proof of delivery on the SOF Portal. Buyers will be able to know that the parcel delivery will be handled by seller instead of Lazada appointed shipping companies.

Why you must switch to DBS

All Kumoten sellers must switch on DBS for every products in Lazada Store by 25 June 2020. Products which are not switched to DBS will not be able to be fulfilled after the dateline as the SOF Portal will be disabled.

How To Switch To DBS

We have started to switch your products to DBS but this is long process and need much time to complete. To check whether your products has been switched on to DBS, just go to Manage Products > Action > Edit Details > Service Delivery > Delivery > More

If it shows "No" , please follow the either one of following steps:

Switch Delivered By Seller to " Yes " one by one.

Switch on via bulk upload. See the guide below.

Click HERE to know how to mass update products to DBS

How to Update Order From PENDING to READY TO SHIP?

Once the parcel tracking number has appeared in Kumoten order page, you may proceed to click Ready To Ship in Lazada Seller Center. Delivery SLA is 14 days from RTS date.

Click HERE to know more info

How To Update Order To DELIVERED?

If the item has been switched to DBS, you do not need to upload Proof Of Delivery to SOF Portal anymore. Read more on how to update to Delivered in Seller Center.

Click HERE to know more info

What Happen To Existing Non-DBS Orders?

As SOF Portal will shut down from 25 June onwards, it will be difficult to update to Delivered. So it is important to Switch ALL your products to DBS as soon as possible.

How About Newly Synced Products?

All new products synced to Lazada will automatically switched to DBS.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Switch TO DBS?

All the products which are not switched to DBS will be offline, you will not be able to get new sales.

Updated on: 06/07/2020

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